A Day of Delight: Giveaway Winners Shine in Signature Session

Downtown Fargo children's studio, Petite Portraits, a signature session with sisters.

We recently had the pleasure of hosting our delightful Vella Kids giveaway winners in the studio, and it was nothing short of a magical experience.

The lucky winners, two charming sisters from Fergus Falls, MN, made the trip to downtown Fargo for a signature session with Petite Portraits, and the star of the show? The sweetest 7-year-old, who not only brought her infectious energy but also a fashion sense that stole our hearts.

Decked out in her own chosen ensemble, featuring the most adorable flower sweater, this little trendsetter added a burst of color and personality to the studio. Trust us; age 7 has never looked so fashionable!

What made the session even more special was the bond between the two sisters. Watching them play together and share giggles was like witnessing a heartwarming scene from a storybook. It’s these authentic moments that make our job truly magical.

Mom also joined in on the fun, getting in front of the camera for a few shots. The result? A stunning editorial gallery capturing the essence of mommy & me memories in just a short session with Petite Portraits.

From the carefully chosen outfits to the spontaneous laughter, this session was a testament to the joy that can be found in the simplest moments. A big shoutout to our Vella Kids Boutique and giveaway winners for bringing their A-game and creating such beautiful memories with us.

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