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My photographic journey kick-started with disposable cameras and a whole lot of imagination, staging elaborate scenes inspired by the glossy pages of my beloved American Girl magazines—my dolls were the perfect models!

By Junior High, I proudly upgraded to a 4-megapixel camera, styling creative shoots with my younger sisters, who were always up for my wild ideas. High school marked my leap to a DSLR, and before long, I was the go-to person for family friends' Christmas cards and senior portraits.

At 19, I landed my first 'grown-up gig' as the corporate photographer for Scheels—a thrilling step into the professional world of photography!

Proudly born and raised in the vibrant city of Fargo, North Dakota, I've woven my roots deep into this community and now raise my own family here, finding endless inspiration in its warmth and spirit.

Where the whimsy started..

I'm Elisabeth Eden

From there, my portrait business flourished as I ventured into editorial photography, products, and even destination weddings, discovering my favorites as I went.

Now, with a family of my own, there's an extra spark in capturing precious memories for others, a joy that's grown even more meaningful.

Each moment here is a treasure, and I love every bit of this big beautiful life.

I'm loving every bit of this big beautiful life.

Mint & Basil
Plaza Azteca
Moonrise Cafe

More Than Words
Roasted Rail Coffee
Olive Street

Vella Kids Boutique
Chai Moto

My favorite places to visit in Fargo, North dakota.


My first studio was a converted chicken coop on my family's farm—a place that once served as my childhood playhouse!

Years later, I find myself incredibly blessed to call a beautiful historic loft in downtown Fargo, home to Petite Portraits.

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